Letter of authority

Tigris® Master Key Systems have protected key control, where additional / replacement cut keys are only available with a suitable letter of authority from the system owner.

This letter of authority document must be on headed paper as appropriate and incorporate the following elements:

  • Confirmation that the building owner consents that YOU can obtain additional keys on their behalf
  • Your name and address
  • Confirmation of the masterkey system number that the consent is given against
  • The name, position, signature and contact details of the person providing consent

Please note that we may validate the authenticity of the document with the system owner.

You should email, post or fax this document using the contact details below. We will compare the letter with the information that we hold on file and will advise you if there is a reason why we cannot provide the keys.

Tigris® Keys is a trading name of Access2

35 North Tyne Industrial Estate
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 9SZ
T: 0191 215 0530
F: 0191 215 1314
e: enquiries@tigriskeys.com

Some of our masterkey systems have enhanced security status and we have special arrangements on how additional keys can be obtained. Should you attempt to order keys from such systems, you will be prevented from adding these keys to your basket and a notification will be provided advising that the keys are from a PROTECTED system and giving further instructions.

If you are the building owner that has a Tigris® Master Key System and you would like PROTECTED system status, where keys can only be obtained from your original supplier then please contact us for further details.